Backpacking Packing Lists and Tips

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Backpacking Packing Lists From a Guide

Trying to figure out what to pack can be frustrating and time-consuming.  You start second-guessing your decisions and become paralyzed on what you thought were simple decisions. 

Suddenly, it's 2 am and you still haven't figured out what clothes to pack or how much food you need.

Getting ready for a trip should be fun, not stressful.

I help new backpackers learn the ropes and become confident in their skills. I also lead backpacking trips year-round. From my experience, most people just need a good list to get started.  

Even after all these years, I still use a list every single time I head out. 

To help my new backpackers get started, I created this book that covers what to pack for each season. These lists contain every little thing (spork, bandana, hair tie) so you won't miss anything.

I'm giving you my lists. Exactly what I would pack on a moderate weekend trip.

This guide is aimed at explorers backpacking in the southeastern US -- hot, humid summers and winters down to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit with just a couple of inches of snow. 

What's Inside?

The book is broken down by season and includes: 

  • Season Specific Tips

  • A Packing List for each season (this is what I would pack or recommend - you can always modify based on your own preferences)

  • A Clothing List for each season (What to wear hiking, what to sleep in, what you'll need for camp)

  • A worksheet to help streamline your clothing decisions

AND -- you get 4 templates to help get you started creating your own packing list. 

  • 2 Microsoft Word Templates

  • 1 Microsoft Excel Template

  • 1 Fillable PDF Template

Why Should You Trust Me?

I started my journey in 2017 so I remember being new and everyone throwing all their knowledge and "musts" at me. But I learned what works for me and that I sometimes have to say no thanks (and do a lot of smiling and nodding). 

For the past four years, I've been an outdoor guide, specializing in beginners and I see them going through the same things. 

I've seen the confusion, the bad decisions, and a few incredibly innovative ideas. 

My goal is for you to have what you need to be safe and have fun. 

Backpacking is an evolution. It's your journey so get out there and explore!

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Refund policy:  Because the book is a download, we are unable to return it. However, if you have any issues or are disappointed, please reach out and we'll work with you to make it right. 

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Backpacking Packing Lists and Tips

0 ratings
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